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We Are Your Top Ranked Hiring Solution  

HireMagic is a Career Social Network that has enabled employers find a perfect candidate and job seekers help each other find great jobs, and at the same time create earning potential through our referral program. We have many unique positions that are referred to us by job seekers in our network.
Hire Magic allows employers:

  • Find perfect candidates for your open positions
  • Reach both passive and active job seekers
  • Cut your recruiting cost
Hire Magic allows job seekers:

  • Get unique jobs from our career social network.
  • Get paid by simply letting us know who is hiring
  • Keep tracking your job application and referral status online
  • Search/apply for your dream jobs on our site
  • Store/create/edit your resume when you need a new job
  • And Much More...
How It Works:

  1. If you know your company is hiring and needs help from a professional staffing firm to fill in this position, post it to your HireMagic account as a referral.

  2. We will pay you up to $1,000/job from your referral when your company hires a candidate from HireMagic for that position.

  3. Earn 20% additional referral fee from your associate (an associate being someone join our network as a result of your link from your web site to HireMagic, or from your facebook, twitter etc.)
Through "Career Networking", HireMagic has enabled job seekers to help one another find jobs and at the same time create earning potential through referral fees. Most people will tell you, from their personal experience, that the vast majority of the jobs they have landed are through referrals from a business contact or friend.

How can you turn this existing network of information into profit?

Have you interviewed with a company, but didn’t get the job? How would you like to turn that missed opportunity into a gain? With HireMagic, you can.

At HireMagic, we want to pay you for your leads. Is your company hiring? Are they looking to expand? Do you have friends in other companies that know of opening positions. Let us know and we will take care of the rest.

You can make $1000 simply helping others find a better job. Tell us about the open positions and whom to contact about filling the position. If we place a candidate there, you earn $1000. We want to pay you for your valuable market information.
HireMagic Membership is Free and there are no obligations. We just want to pay you for valuable business leads. To get started, click on the “Refer A Lead” button. Once we have filled that position, we will pay you for your effort. We take care of the rest!
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